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Fish & Wildlife Habitat: Angler Diary

St Lawrence River & Lake St. Francis Angler Diary for Walleye and Muskellunge

Project Goals/Objectives:

The Angler Diary Program had its inaugural launch during the 2008 fishing season.  The objectives of this program is to involve local anglers in the habitat management of walleye and muskellunge.  Through the information gathered by local anglers the RRCA will be able to localize and characterize valuable walleye and muskellunge habitat.  The knowledge gained through the characterization of these areas will lead to a better understanding of their habitat needs within the AOC, thus helping to guide ongoing and future habitat enhancement and rehabilitation projects.  Information on age classes, and condition of the population will also be gathered through this project.

The familiarity of local anglers with these species and the river will help to guide the management plans that the RRCA is developing as part of the delisting criteria for the AOC.  Without the involvement of local anglers and their willingness to share their knowledge with us, the feasibility of developing a sound understanding of the habitat needs of the species within the AOC becomes very difficult.

If you are interested in participating in this program or have any questions, comments, or sugestions about the program please contact:

Brendan Jacobs
Wildlife Monitoring Supervisor
e-mail: brendan.jacobs@rrca.on.ca
Tel: 613-938-3611 ext: 234

Chris Critoph
Manager of Environmental Services
e-mail: chris,criptoph@rrca.on.ca
Tel: 613-938-3611 ext: 223

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