Cooper Marsh Conservators

In 1997, the CMC was formed. Since 2008 it is a registered charity assisting in the protection and promotion of the Cooper Marsh Conservation Area. This volunteer group includes members from the general public, business community, the Raisin Region Conservation Authority, the River Institute, Cornwall and Area Birding Club and the South Lancaster Fish and Game Club. The CMC aims to raise awareness of the importance of all wetlands and the group’s fundraising efforts help offset a portion of the Marsh’s annual operating costs and have enabled the existing major restoration of the Marsh's boardwalks, wildlife breeding habitat and the creation of new viewing platforms and blinds to enhance wildlife observation. CMC will continue its present fundraising activities to help offset the Marsh’s annual operating costs and further restore the Western Marsh to keep this very important wetland on Lake St. Francis accessible to the public for years to come. 

The CMC is currently recruiting new members, if you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail

Identity and Mission Statement of Cooper Marsh Conservators

The Cooper Marsh Conservators, a non-profit registered charity, was established in March, 2003 as a non-profit corporation and in 2008 registered as a charitable organization to help in protection, conservation, education and restoration at Cooper Marsh and to raise awareness and funding for this wetland.

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