RRCA Agriculture Best Management Practices Workshops Available Online

September 3, 2021

The Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) recently wrapped up its Agri-Action Workshop Series, a three-part “lunch and learn” webinar package designed to provide local farmers with an introduction to select agricultural best management practices (BMPs) geared towards improving their farm’s overall productivity and sustainability.

All three workshops are available for free on the RRCA’s YouTube channel. The RRCA’s Stewardship Specialist, Brendan Jacobs, encourages all interested farmers to check out the workshops. “Whether you are looking for ideas to solve a specific issue such as nutrient loss or are interested in using agronomic or infrastructure BMPs to make your farm more economically and environmentally sustainable, these workshops can provide valuable insights and concrete steps to get started,” says Jacobs. Links to all the recordings can also be found at rrca.on.ca/BMP.

The RRCA will also be offering virtual on-farm tours this November, allowing participants behind-the-scenes access to various BMP projects implemented on local farms.

The RRCA is also offering the Agri-Action Advisory Service, where farmers in its eastern Ontario jurisdiction were able to apply for funding to receive one on one expert BMP consultations on their farm with local service providers. 

The RRCA’s Agri-Action Workshop Series and Advisory Service are both supported by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year initiative, and by ALUS Canada, a community developed, farmer-led program that works with farmers to produce valuable ecological services on Canadian farmland. 

For more information, please visit rrca.on.ca/BMP or contact (613) 938-3611 or info@rrca.on.ca.