Board of Directors

RRCA Board of Directors 2022


Policy and budget decisions are made by a Board of Directors comprised of eight members appointed by the RRCA's municipal partners. The number of representatives appointed as Members of the Board are based on population as outlined in subsection 2(2) of the Conservation Authorities Act.   The RRCA's Board has the following representatives:

Municipality Member
Township of South Glengarry Martin Lang, Chair
Township of South Stormont David Smith, Vice-Chair
Township of South Glengarry Lyle Warden
Township of North Stormont Robert Lefebvre
Township of South Stormont Bryan McGillis
Township of North Glengarry Jacques Massie
City of Cornwall Carilyne Hébert
City of Cornwall Claude McIntosh
Meetings and Minutes

Generally, the Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of each month and meetings are open to the public. The minutes for each meeting are approved at the next scheduled meeting, and are posted shortly thereafter.  

Any person or organization who wishes to address the Board of Directors may make a request in writing or electronic mail to the General Manager. The request should include a brief statement of the issue or matter involved and indicate the name of the proposed speaker(s). If such request is received 14 calendar days in advance of a scheduled meeting, the General Manager may list the delegation on the published agenda.

**Meeting agenda questions can be directed to

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
September 15, 2022 Download  
June 16, 2022 Download Download
May 19, 2022 Download Download
April 21, 2022 Download Download
April 21, 2022 - Source Protection Authority Download  
March 17, 2022 Download Download
February 17, 2022 Download Download
January 20, 2022 Download Download
November 18, 2021 Download Download
October 21, 2021 Download Download
September 16, 2021 Download Download
July 15, 2021 Download Download
June 17, 2021 Download Download
May 20, 2021 Download Download
April 15, 2021 cancelled  
March 18, 2021 Download Download
March 18, 2021 - Source Protection Authority Download  
February 18, 2021 Download Download
January 21, 2021 Download Download
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - Archives
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Board of Directors Administrative By-Law No. 1 (amended June 17, 2021)
Conservation Authorities Act

In October, 2021, the Province of Ontario released Phase 1 regulations designed to implement amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act.  The regulations will now give conservation authorities until January 1, 2024 to complete the transition to a new budgetary framework with their municipalities. These timelines will provide sufficient time for conservation authorities to prepare a transition plan, finalize an inventory of programs and services, and enter into Memorandums of Understanding and/or Agreements with their participating municipalities. 

Financial Statements

RRCA Financial Statements for 2021
RRCA Financial Statements for 2020