Property Inquiries

The RRCA Watershed Planner processes Property Inquiry requests from individuals seeking information pertaining to a specific property or area. 

The RRCA written response details relevant natural hazard and natural heritage issues, pertinent planning information such as applicable setbacks and environmental protection designations, floodplain mapping (if applicable) and an O. Reg. 175/06 permit application should the proponent require one.

A Property Inquiry Form must be filled out in detail and signed prior to the file being processed.  The submitted form must include the legal address such as a lot, concession, and roll number, a municipal address (if applicable), the municipality and/or former municipality and a description of the proposed use of land and/or project.

Please note that providing a location map or survey to the RRCA is extremely helpful in expediting the request.  Due to the large volume of requests, please anticipate a minimum of two weeks following the receipt of a written request for the RRCA to provide written comments.

Detailed property inquiries require time to search through pertinent files, maps, planning documents, regulations, and depending on the complexities, they may also require on-site verification by RRCA staff.  Only after careful examination and verification of the pertinent information will a formal response be provided by the Watershed Planner.

Download a Property Inquiry Form

Please note that there is a fee associated with the above noted service as per the Raisin Region Conservation Authority Fee Schedule.