Property Inquiries

A Property Inquiry is a formal report that can be provided on request from individuals seeking information pertaining to a specific property or area. This report is often requested by lawyers, realtors, or property buyers exercising due dilignnce. A property inquiry is also useful for current landowners or developers wishing to learn more about their property.

A property inquiry report contains the following: a property location map; a map of known features on the property regulated by the Conservation Authorities Act (watercourses, floodplains, hazardous soils, wetlands); a map of intake protection zones or wellhead protection areas regulated by the Clean Water Act on the property; a map of contaminated sediment zones adjacent to the property, if applicable; a list of any known outstanding RRCA violations; as well as a signed letter from an RRCA official discussing the results and addressing any specific inquiry requests. 

A Property Inquiry Form must be filled out in detail and signed prior to the file being processed.  

Download a Property Inquiry Form

Please note that there is a fee associated with the above noted service as per the Raisin Region Conservation Authority Fee Schedule.