Gray's Creek Conservation Area Picnic Shelter Destroyed by Fire

March 10, 2022

Unfortunately, the picnic shelter at Gray's Creek Conservation Area went up in flames in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, March 6, 2022. The causes of the fire are unknown. For safety, visitors are asked to avoid the site of the fire, which is marked off with caution tape.

While the RRCA does not currently have an estimate for the cost of replacing the picnic shelter, we will be exploring various cost and replacement options. Though the original structure was constructed by the RRCA several decades ago, the picnic shelter had recently received significant repairs, including a new roof. 

We are humbled and grateful for the numerous messages of support received from local residents, who shared memories of family time spent at Gray’s Creek Conservation Area, encouraged donations to help defray the cost of a new picnic shelter, and even offered to help rebuild the structure.  

Anyone interested in donating to Gray’s Creek Conservation Area can do so through the RRCA’s website at