Notice: Maintenance Work by RRCA at Kenyon Dam and Loch Garry Dam

July 26, 2022

Recent inspections by the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) have shown the need to remove vegetation growing on the earth dams adjacent to the concrete dam structures on Loch Garry (Loch Garry Dam) and Middle Lake (Kenyon Dam). This vegetation mostly consists of bushes, shrubs, and young trees.

Removing vegetation from earth dams is a standard practice. Vegetation obscures visual inspections and provides cover for animals that create voids in dams by digging burrows. Trees also have the potential to seriously compromise a dam’s structural integrity if uprooted in a windstorm. 

The earth dam vegetation removal at Loch Garry and Middle Lake is scheduled to take place in mid to late August. Temporary signs will be installed on site.

The RRCA currently holds a lease agreement with the Township of North Glengarry to operate and maintain three water control structures in the Garry River system, which includes Loch Garry, Middle Lake, and Mill Pond.

As part of its watershed management mandate to protect people and property, the RRCA operates and maintains a total of eight water control structures in its jurisdiction. 

In 2021, the RRCA renewed its longstanding partnership with the Township of North Glengarry to manage the three dams on the Garry River. The RRCA manages water levels in the Garry River system, providing flood control, low flow augmentation, recreation opportunities, and a steady drinking water supply to area residents.