Watershed Report Cards Reflect the Improving Water Quality in Area Watercourses

May 23, 2018

The Raisin Region Conservation Authority has been monitoring the health of our watersheds and facilitating actions for improvement for the past 50 years.  Recently, report cards have been updated for several key watersheds using recent data collected on forest cover, wetland cover and water quality with some encouraging results. 


Despite the steady losses in forest and wetland cover, the landowner restoration actions that have been undertaken over the last two decades have seen an improvement in water quality in our rivers and streams.  “It has been with the expertise and assistance of the Raisin Region Conservation Authority, that we have been able to effect some real improvements in my stretch of the Filion Drain”, states Lawrence St. Denis, a landowner within the Sutherland Creek watershed.  “As well as solving my erosion issues, the enhanced riparian zone is benefiting water quality in the stream and fish and wildlife in the area”.


Although many features are still impaired and significantly so in a number of watersheds, it has been the past actions of landowners in implementing best management practices with their agricultural activities that are currently reflecting improvements in the water quality of many of the tributaries.  To view the current status of these key watersheds, the updated watershed report cards can be downloaded from:



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