Explore Cornwall and Surrounding Area of SDG with the Raisin Region GeoAdventure

October 15, 2021

Junior geocacher Margo, with parents Ariane and Matt, at a GeoAdventure cache site within the edible forest at Gray's Creek Conservation Area. Conservation Area.

The Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) is inviting the public to join the Raisin Region GeoAdventure, a geocaching treasure hunt aimed at finding 20 caches concealed in environmentally significant sites throughout its watershed jurisdiction in eastern Ontario. 

Geocaching, a world-wide, outdoor activity, lets participants use smartphones or other GPS devices to find secret containers hidden by other geocachers.

“The Raisin Region GeoAdventure is an engaging way for both new and seasoned geocachers to explore the RRCA’s jurisdiction and learn about natural features and environmental projects in the region” says Vincent Pilon, RRCA’s Public Information Coordinator. “Some of the cache sites include an edible forest, habitat restoration projects, and watershed management infrastructure, to name a few.”

All 20 GeoAdventure caches, hidden throughout Cornwall and surrounding area of SDG, contain a unique QR code leading to hidden digital content about each cache site. Some of the caches also contain secret codes, which, when added up, allow the final cache site to be unlocked. 

“The first 100 families to unlock the final cache will earn a limited-edition, Raisin Region GeoAdventure geocoin,” Pilon says. “Each geocoin is engraved with a unique tracking number, and can be either kept as a trophy, or placed inside a cache, to then be set in motion by other geocachers who move the coin from cache to cache, with its progress on display at geocaching.com.”

While caches have been hidden throughout the RRCA’s jurisdiction, with the addition of several caches in Akwesasne, Pilon says all code-containing caches are accessible in the Cornwall area without the use of a personal vehicle. “It’s a great way to explore the area, either by walking, cycling, or using Cornwall Transit,” he says, adding that the cache sites were selected in consultation with municipal, community, and indigenous partners. 

Those interested in participating can find detailed instructions, as well as a downloadable map at rrca.on.ca/GeoAdventure. Limited print maps will also be available at the RRCA office at 18045 County Rd. 2 in Cornwall, and at other select locations.

Funding for the Raisin Region GeoAdventure was provided by the City of Cornwall.

For more information, please visit rrca.on.ca/GeoAdventure or contact (613) 938-3611 or info@rrca.on.ca.