Raisin Region GeoAdventure

You are invited to explore Cornwall and surrounding area of SDG by joining the Raisin Region GeoAdventure, a geocaching treasure hunt aimed at finding 20 caches concealed in environmentally significant sites throughout the RRCA's watershed jurisdiction in eastern Ontario. 

Geocaching, a world-wide, outdoor activity, lets participants use smartphones or other GPS devices to find secret containers hidden by other geocachers.


Each cache contains a unique QR code, which, when scanned on a mobile device, leads to a hidden webpage with content pertaining to each site. 12 of the 20 caches are numbered, and contain a special GeoAdventure code. By combining the third character from each GeoAdventure code, you are able to assemble an 11-digit password allowing you to access the final cache's hidden webpage. 

The first 200 families to crack the 12th cache will earn a special Raisin Region GeoAdventure geocoin. To claim the coin, simply fill out the digital form found on the 12th cache's hidden webpage.

Be sure to register a free username at Geocaching.com.

Click here to download a printable Raisin Region GeoAdventure Map.

Check out the video below for additional information on how to find geocaches.