Gambhir Memorial Urban Forest

Dr. Indu Gambhir joins local students, teachers, and RRCA staff during a 2022 planting event at the Gambhir Memorial Forest.

The Gambhir Memorial Urban Forest was planted in the spring of 2012 and 2013 by students from Eamer’s Corners Public School in partnership with Dr. Indu Gambhir and the RRCA. The project was inspired by the vision of Raj Gambhir and the birth of his grandson, Oskar Om. 

Urban forests such as this one can provide many environmental benefits, including absorbing air pollution, reducing noise pollution, sequestering carbon, and creating wildlife habitat. 

In 2015, Dr. Gambhir donated the Memorial Forest to the RRCA for perpetual conservation and maintenance. The site also serves as an outdoor classroom.

Leave a Natural Legacy

Do you want to preserve your forest, wetland, or grassland? Consider donating the land to the RRCA for perpetual preservation. RRCA's expertise in forestry and stewardship ensures your natural legacy is managed and preserved. Official charitable receipts may be issued. RRCA is a qualified recipient under Canada's Ecological Gifts Program.