Edible Forest

Welcome to the Raisin Region Conservation Authority’s (RRCA) Edible Forest. This site was established in 2016 to inspire landowners and communities looking to plant and grow their own edible native trees and shrubs. Generally high in nutrients, many native edible plants have been traditionally used for their health benefits.

Native trees and shrubs are often hardier and require less maintenance than non-native plants as they have evolved to thrive in our region’s particular climate and conditions. Explore the Edible Forest and see how many species you can find from the list below:

Highbush Cranberry

Black Elderberry


Saskatoon Serviceberry


Black Chokeberry


Staghorn Sumac

Swamp Rose

Common Redbud

Wild Plum

Black Cherry

Northern Hackberry

American Hazelnut

Beaked Hazelnut


Black Walnut

White Oak

Red Cedar