Canoe Race Photos


Raisin River Canoe Race 2024 - Photos by Kathy Laroche

Raisin River Canoe Race 2024 - Photos by Rob Fry

Raisin River Canoe Race 2024 - Photos by RRCA


2023 (50th Anniversary Race) Photos by Jamie MacCulloch, Kathy Laroche, Phoebe Jones, Rob Fry, RRCA


Raisin River Canoe Race 2022 Facebook, Photo Credits: Rob Fry, Kathy Laroche, Richard Pilon, Jacques Lajoie & Nancy Cameron.  441 photos.


Devil's Chute (Album 1 of 3); Facebook, Photo Credits: Rob Fry.  235 photos.

McIntyre Rapids (Album 2 of 3); Facebook, Photo Credits: Richard Pilon. 160 photos.

Raisin River Canoe Race (Album 3 of 3); Glengarry News, Photo Credits: Shawn Bray. 391 photos.


Raisin River Canoe Race (Album 1 of 3); Facebook 896 photos.

Raisin River Canoe Race (Album 2 of 3); Facebook. 460 photos.

Raisin River Canoe Race (Album 3 of 3, McIntyre Rapids); Facebook. 216 photos.


Devil's Chute, 112 Photos. Photo Credit: Rob Fry.

Action at the Rapids. 165 Photos. Photo Credit: Shawn Brennan.

Martintown Dam. 353 Photos. Photo Credit: Kathy Laroche.

Martintown Dam. 33 Photos. Photo Credit: Ross Dobson.

All around the route. 141 Photos. Photo Credit: Doug Merry.

Around the route, including Martintown Portage. 112 Photos. Photo Credit: Dick Budge.

Finish Line. 71 Photos. Photo Credit: KAM Photo.


Pre-Race Shots, plus some rapids. 44 Pictures. Photo Credits: Rob Fry.

Pre-Race Candids, plus the Devil's Chute. 234 Pictures. Photo Credits: Rob Fry.

Martintown Dam. 70 Pictrures. Photo Credits: Kathy Laroche.

Martintown Dam. 286 Pictures. Photo Credits: Glengarry News.

Downstream of Martintown Dam. 93 Pictures. Photo Credits: Ron St. Denis.

McIntyre Rapids - Set 1. 417 Pictures. Photo Credits: Richard Pilon.

McIntyre Rapids - Set 2. 415 Pictures. Photo Credits: Richard Pilon.


Registration, Setup and Pre-Race Jitters - 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Excitement and anticipation fills the air. 160 canoes and kayaks prepare to write their chapter in the Raisin River Canoe Race history books. 234 photos

Anticipation at Martintown Dam - 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM
The crew is getting ready, the crowds are assembling, we're awaiting the brave... the committed... and .... the foolish? 116 photos

Martintown Dam - Set 1 - 12:20 PM to 12:50 PM
Thrills, Spills and Chills at the Martintown Dam 406 photos

Martintown Dam - Set 2 - 12:50 PM to 1:09 PM  440 photos

Martintown Dam - Set 3 - 1:09 PM to 1:25 PM  316 photos

The McIntyre Rapids - 1:37 PM to 2:41 PM
After collecting their wits after the dam in Martintown, the Paddlers meander Eastwards towards the McIntyre Rapids. 406 photos

Approaching Williamstown - 2:45 PM to 3:09 PM
After nearly 30km of blood, sweat and tears... the paddlers are heading into Williamstown. 115 photos

 The Finish! - 3:15 PM to 3:37 PM
Congratulations! You are now part of History. Your names are permanently etched on the prestigious Finisher's Roll for the Raisin River Canoe Race! 153 photos

 Awards Ceremony and Banquet
Spaghetti dinner by the St. Mary's Centre. Congratulations to all the division winners! 26 photos

Doug Merry's Picassa Album
A collection of spectacular high-resolution shots from all around the race route. 130 photos 

The Glengarry News - Flikr Album
High Resolution Shots available for sale through the Glengarry News 300 photos


Bill Carson's Flickr Stream - 5 Sets at key locations (171 photos)

Luv2Paddle's Picassa Stream - 234 Action shots

deanspic - Dean Ducas's flickr photo set at McIntyre Rapids (104 photos)

Seaway News Gallery (14 photos)

Standard-Freeholder (write up, 1 photo)

Township of South Glengarry Facebook Album (74 photos) - Tag yourself!

KAV Productions Youtube Video (10:42)

Glengarry News