Cooper Marsh Biodiversity Project

Cooper Marsh Conservation Area provides rich and varied habitat for many plant and animal species.

RRCA staff monitoring waterfowl nesting boxes.

A grassland restoration project at the Marsh's eastern edge will enhance habitat for threatened grassland bird species.

RRCA staff seed native wild rice inside the Marsh's west impoundment.

RRCA and its partners are engaging the community in conservation through workshops and citizen science initiatives.

Cooper Marsh Conservation Area is a 673-acre wetland in South Glengarry, Ontario, which provides valuable habitat to a rich variety of plant and animal species, including nearly 200 bird, 30 fish, and 8 amphibian species. One of the Raisin Region Conservation Authority's (RRCA) three Conservation Areas, Cooper Marsh is part of the greater Charlottenburgh Marsh, one of the most significant wetlands in Ontario. 

The Cooper Marsh Biodiversity Project is a multi-year biodiversity-enhancement effort by the RRCA aimed at protecting and enhancing the Marsh’s rich biodiversity through initiatives such as habitat planting and enhancement, invasive species control, biodiversity monitoring, and outreach. This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund, a Government of Canada’s Department of Environment and Climate Change program in partnership with Conservation Ontario. Funding was also awarded by Ontario Power Generation in 2021. The RRCA is working with various community partners throughout the project in order to share resources and knowledge and to identify collaborative opportunities 

Some current and upcoming components of the project include:

Visit the RRCA's Citizen Science webpage to learn how you can help monitor biodiversity at Cooper Marsh Conservation Area.