Park Rules

Water service has now been added to some of our sites.  If the site you reserved does not have its own water hook-up, water stations are available and located throughout the campground. These water stations are available for all campers (seasonal and transient use). We recommend transient campers fill up their trailer tank prior to arriving at the park. Should you choose to use the water station, you must bring a "Y" hookup with you as well as a long enough hose. You must attached the "Y" to the water station and then attach your hose to your "Y". Please do not disconnect other hoses or remove "Ys" already in place.


  • Payment in full is required at time of booking.  All camping fees, including a non-refundable reservation fee and booking fee will be charged to your credit card.
  • Reservation cancellations are to be made 3 or more days prior to the scheduled arrival.  Cancellations made 2 or fewer days prior to the scheduled arrival will result in a cancellation fee being charged to your credit card.
  • Cabin reservations are to be made using a credit card only. No cash/debit will be accepted.
  • Cabin reservation cancellations must be made 3 or more days prior to the scheduled arrival, otherwise a cancellation fee will be applied to your credit card.
  • Cabin cancellations made within 24 hrs of the scheduled arrival time will result in forfeiture of both the reservation and entire camping fees.
  • Cabin has a minimum stay policy of two-night minimum stay during the period of June 30 to August 30.  No refunds are provided for early departures.



All campers, and visitors must adhere to the following rules & regulations. The penalty for violating any laws or park rules may be eviction from the park. Campers evicted from the campground for any circumstances are not eligible for refund.

Check out: 11:00 am
Check-in: 2:00 pm

Cabin Check-out: 10:00 am
Cabin Check-in: 2:00 pm

Operating Hours
Gatehouse hours will be 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. Beach gates will be closed at 8:00 pm

All visitors to the campground must purchase a day use pass and park in the designated parking areas.  Visitors are admitted during the normal hours of the park only. Hours may be restricted at other times at the discretion of the Supervisor.

Visitors must vacate the campground at 9:00 pm. All visitors must register their vehicles and pay the appropriate fee.  Only registered campers may remain in the campground after 9:00 pm.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to make sure all fees are paid and vehicles are registered.

Quiet time
Please keep the volume of your music, voices and other noises to a reasonable level. Interfering with anyone else’s use or enjoyment of a park, day or night, is not only inconsiderate it is also contrary to park regulations. Quiet hours will be enforced 24 hours a day.

Length Of Stay
Daily and weekly rates are available. A maximum of 30 days is permitted per reservation.

Changing your site
Changing sites within the campground is permitted but must be done through Park Staff, at the gatehouse.  Once the Staff has confirmed the site is available, has made the changes and provided you with new permits, you may set up camp.

Camping, Parking and Vehicle Permits

Alcoholic, Cannabis & Illegal Drugs

      • Alcohol and cannabis are only permitted on registered campsites. Intoxication of any kind in a public place is prohibited.
      • Alcohol and cannabis are not permitted in day-use or other public areas. Drinking, or the possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in any other park area, other than your campsite, is prohibited.
      • Substance abuse including illegal drugs is prohibited                   

Unlicensed Motor Vehicles, All Terrain Vehicles
ATV’s, off-road motorcycles or any other unlicensed vehicles are not permitted.  Bicycles are permitted on park roads only.

Golf Carts Gas/propane/battery operated) are allowed but are subject to the following:

    • Golf carts must be identified with the Lot #.  The number must be placed on each side of the golf cart and be visible at all times
    • Golf cart drivers must be 16 years of age or older.
    • Golf carts may only be operated on park roadways.  They are prohibited from walking trails, fields or woodlots.
    • Golf carts are prohibited at night unless they have proper lighting
    • Golf carts are NOT permitted on the beach
    • The number of occupants riding in a golf card cannot exceed the manufacturer’s designated seating capacity.


  • Pets must be on a leash, not exceeding six feet and kept under control at all times.
  • Pets are not allowed in the swimming, beach or picnic area or any areas adjacent to these locations.
  • Owners must pick up after their pets.
  • (see Animal Waiver below)

Other Park Rules & Regulations

  • Quiet hours will be enforced 24 hours a day. Please keep the volume of your music, voices and other noises to a reasonable level. Interfering with anyone else's use or enjoyment of the park, day or night, is not only inconsiderate - it is also contrary to park regulations.
  • Children under the age of 16 years must be on their own campsite by 9 pm unless accompanied by an adult.
  • The speed limit within Charlottenburgh Park is 10 km/hr.
  • Campers must always maintain a clean and orderly site.  Campsites must be cleaned before leaving the site. Campers are responsible for all garbage and recyclable material during their stay as well as departure
  • This is a conservation area with a natural setting – please keep it natural.  No person shall damage any property or cut, remove, damage any tree, plant or shrub. It is against the law to remove or destroy anything in the park.
  • The RRCA is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  • Campfires are permitted in designated areas only.  They must be contained within the designated fire pit and no bigger than 3’ x 3’ x 3’.  Never leave a fire unattended.
  • “Quiet-running” generators are permitted within the campground during the hours of 8:30 am to 10:30 am and from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The generators must be enclosed in a structure or self-contained. Industrial-type generators are prohibited.
  • Fireworks are prohibited in the park.
  • Firearms are prohibited in the park.
  • Hunting is prohibited in the park.
  • Smoking/vaping is forbidden in any park building.


  • The beach is unsupervised.  Swim at your own risk.  Never swim alone or in unmarked areas.  Use the buddy system. Watch for children and non-swimmers at all times.

Boating, Water-skiing, Jet-skiing, etc.

  • All water crafts are prohibited in the swimming area and in areas directly adjacent to the swimming area and within 200 feet directly adjacent to the swimming area.

Animal Waiver

  • I hereby agree to the following regulations and conditions relating to my dog while camping at Charlottenburgh Park.
  • I agree to keep my dog out of the following areas including, but not limited to, beach and picnic area.
  • I agree to keep my dog on a leash or in a carrier while in all public areas of the Campground, including my lot. I understand that I may not leave my dog unattended at the campsite.  I also agree to prevent noise or any other disturbances by my dog, in the interest of other guests at the Campground.
  • I agree that, should by dog create any disturbances, which cause complaints to be made to the management by other guests or employees of the Campground, at the request of a Campground employee, I will immediately make arrangements to house my dog elsewhere outside the campground.  Additionally, I understand and agree that if I do not find alternative housing for my pet after being asked to do so, I will be asked to leave the campground and will not be issued a refund.
  • I understand that my permission to have my dog at the campground with me is a privilege and not a contractual right.  Such permission is expressly conditional upon my adherence to the terms of these rules and other rules in effect at any given time.  I understand that the campground may revoke such permission at any time, for any reason.  Additionally, I hereby assume all responsibility of risks, injury, damage, other harm that may occur while my dog is at the campground or caused by my dog.  Further, I hereby knowingly and voluntarily expressly release and discharge the campground, its owners, its agents, its parent companies, members, managers, directors, officers and employees (Released Parties) from any all all claims, damages, liabilities, injuries, demands, or causes of action, both present and future, whether known, unknown, anticipated, or unanticipated, that me or my guests or invitees may have against any of the Released Parties arising out of or incident to my dog's presence in the campground, whether arising from any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of me, my dog and/or any guest or invitee.  I further agree to indemnify each of the Released Parties for any and all such claims, damages, liabilities, injuries, demands or causes of action, including costs, expenses, and attorney's fees arising as a result of or related to the presence of the dog at the campground.  


  • I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE that I am fully and personally responsible for my own safety and actions, as well as the safety and actions of those registered on my site, while and during my participation in camping and I recognize that I may be at risk of contracting Covid-19.
  • With full knowledge of the risks involved, I HEREBY release, waive, discharge the RRCA, its board, officers, independent contractors, affiliates, employees, representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury, or death, that may be sustained by me related to COVID-19 while participating in any activity while in, on, or around the premises or while using the facilities that may lead to unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19.

ALL campers must abide by and adhere to all the rules and regulations.  Further, seasonal campers must recognize that the Team Lead, Field Operations and park staff are responsible for interpretation and enforcement of these rules and regulations.

The Team Lead, Field Operations, management, and park staff will exercise reason and fairness in the enforcement of seasonal camping rules and regulations.  The Team Lead, Field Operations has the power of sole discretion to determine what personal property may be allowed or constructed on the property.


The Code of Conduct applies to all campers and visitors.  Charlottenburgh Park users who violate any of the Park Rules & Regulations, as well as Terms & Conditions will be dealt with through consequences and can be evicted.

In addition to the Park Rules & Regulations, and Terms & Condition, the Code of Conduct identifies generally accepted expectations of behavior in a public environment.  The following behaviour is unacceptable:

  • Violence or threats of violence.
  • Harassment of any sort towards staff and/or other campers/visitors
  • Speeding above the posted 10 km/hr. maximum.
  • Damage to property, vehicles and the natural environment.
  • Excessive noise.
  • Drunkenness and/or substance abuse (illegal drugs).
  • Abuse, including neglect, comment or conduct that demeans, humiliates, embarrasses, intimidates, threatens or has an adverse effect on an individual(s).
  • No person shall willfully damage any public or private property, buildings, or other facilities.
  • Dangerous behavior (i.e. lack of animal control, fires in inappropriate locations).
  • And any other activity that compromises the goal and objectives of this policy, as identified at the discretion of the Team Lead, Field Operations and park staff.

Should a camper or visitor not abide by any of the stated rules & regulations and terms & conditions, the following consequences will be enforced:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Eviction from Charlottenburgh Park

Should law enforcement have to be contacted to help control a situation and/or a camper/visitor not abiding by the rules, no warnings will be issued which means the camper/visitor and all individuals registered to that site will be automatically and immediately evicted from the park.

​​​​​​​I AGREE to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the RRCA from and against any and all costs, expenses, damages, lawsuits, and/or liabilities or claims arising whether directly or indirectly from or related to any and all claims made by or against any of the released party due to injury, loss, or death from or related to COVID-19.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I have read the foregoing Covid-19 Liability Release Waiver and understand its contents; that I am at least eighteen (18) years old and fully competent to give my consent; That I have been sufficiently informed of the risks involved and give my voluntary consent in signing it as my own free act. 

I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Raisin Region Conservation Authority, Charlottenburgh Park, its staff, owners and agents from any and all liability to me, my children, my invitees/guests, personal representatives and heirs for any loss or damage on account of injury to person (including death) or loss of damage to property relating to, or arising out of, use of occupancy of the Charlottenburgh Park property, facilities, golf carts, amenities (collectively, the Premises) and any dangers and hazards associated with acts of nature such as changing weather conditions; high winds, thunder and lightning; temperature fluctuations; falling trees; tree limbs, ice; or encounters with wildlife.

I HEREBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS Raisin Region Conservation Authority, Charlottenburgh Park, its staff, owners and agents, and each of them, from any loss, liability, damage or cost (including attorney fees) they may incur due to injury (including death), damage or loss or property relating to use of the premises by me, my children, and/or my invitees/guests or due to any incidents that may occur during my stay.  I understand that, although Charlottenburgh Park Staff makes every reasonable  effort to provide a secure environment, the security of my person , my belongings, and all persons registered in my party is my sole responsibility.

The Premises are privately owned and the Raisin Region Conservation Authority/Charlottenburgh Park reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason except for those prohibited by law.  Raisin Region Conservation Authority/Charlottenburgh Park reserves the right to require any person or party it deems necessary, to leave the campground based on violations of Park Rules & Regulations / Terms & Conditions, or behaviour management deems inappropriate or disturbing to others.  Harassment or mistreatement of our staff or other guests, including but not limited to, racist comments, or hate speeche, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  I have read this notice and agree to it as well as all the Park Rules & Regulations and Terms & Conditions.  In addition, I understand that I am responsible for the actions of all persons registered in my party, including any children, and any guests that visit during my stay.  On behalf of each person in my party, I grant Raisin Region Conservation Authority/Charlottenburgh Park and its affiliated entities and promotional partners the right to include any photographic, video and other visual portrayals of each person in my party in any medium and for any purpose.