Agri-Action Land Stewardship Program

Agri-Action Land Stewardship Program

The RRCA is offering funding to farmers looking to establish, manage, or receive advice on agricultural stewardship best managment practices (BMPs) on their land. A grant application is open to all farmers with a registered farm number located within the RRCA's watershed jurisdiction.

Project types eligible for funding include:

  • In-field or bank erosion control
  • Drainage and wetland integration
  • Hedgerows or windbreaks
  • Buffers
  • Cover crops
  • Grassed waterways
  • Delayed cut hay
  • Grassland stewardship
  • Controlled tile drainage
  • Agronomic tools and soil sampling
  • Farm Health Check-up  

Funding may be available up to 90 percent of project costs, and may vary depending on project types or locations. Farmers can apply for free by accessing the form below.

Agri-Action Land Stewardship Application Form

For more information on the Agri-Action Land Stewardship Program, or if you would like assistance completing the form, please contact:

Jessica Herrington
Stewardship Coordinator
Raisin Region Conservation Authority
P.O. Box 429, 18045 County Rd. 2 Cornwall, Ontario K6H 5T2
Tel: (613) 938-3611 ext. 228

RRCA Watershed Jurisdiction

* This map is for illustrative purposes only. If you would like to verify that your farm is eligible for application to the Agri-Action Land Stewardship Program, please contact the RRCA at or (613) 938-3611.


The Agri-Action Land Stewardship Program has received funding support from the Government of Ontario. Views expressed here are those of the RRCA and do not necessarily reflect those of the province.