Other Resources

BMP Books and InfoSheets

A wealth of free information and resources on agricultural stewardship best management practices (BMPs) can be found at BMPbooks.com.

Agronomic Tools

AgMaps Geoportal

  • Agricultural Information Atlas to better understand farming land
  • Mapping tool allows for various map layers that include soil type, drainage, controlled
    drainage potential, source water protection, erosion control options, etc.


  • Ontario government’s free agricultural and environmental suite of tools related to crop
    management, nutrient management, and minimum distance separation. Available in
    French or English.
  • Old Version: the current released version; only works on a desktop environment
  • New Version: gradually building its capacity to match and exceed the current (old) version. Works on many platforms, including on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop environment. The new version currently includes a Crop Nutrient Calculator, Organic Amendment Calculator, Phosphorous Loss Calculator (PLATO), Fertilizer Calculator, Manure Storage Sizing Calculator, and a Field Management Plan as accessible tools.
  • OMAFRA continues to develop and integrate tools for the new AgriSuite, which will include Nutrient Management Strategy, Minimum Distance Separation (MDS), and Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculator.
  • Link to both Old and New Versions: omafra.gov.on.ca/agrisuite

Other Tools