Agri-Action Farm Tours

In these virtual tours, six farmers guide viewers through some of the best management practice (BMP) projects they have implemented on their lands, including cover crops, buffers, windbreaks, and constructed wetlands.

Best management practices can enhance farmland sustainability by improving soil health, reducing erosion, and retaining valuable nutrients. This not only provides on-farm benefits such as increased average yields, but also improves the health of the local watershed.

The tours complement the Agri-Action Workshops held virtually this summer by the RRCA, where a variety of BMP experts shared their knowledge with a virtual audience. The RRCA also offered the Agri-Action Advisory Service, which provided funding towards pairing farmers in the RRCA’s watershed jurisdiction in eastern Ontario with local BMP expert advisers. 

The RRCA’s Agri-Action Farm Tours are supported by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year federal-provincial-territorial initiative, and by ALUS Canada, a community developed, farmer-led program that works with farmers to produce valuable ecological services on Canadian farmland. A steering committee consisting of local farmers and agriculture specialists was formed to guide the initiative. 

The RRCA would like to express special thanks to the following for their contributions to the Agri-Action Farm Tours: Denlorn Farms, Kirkview Farms, Ferme Agriber, Dalagra Farms, Carry-on Farms, Pemdale Farms, the St. Lawrence River Remedial Action Plan, South Nation ConservationALUS Ontario East, and the members of the project's steering committee; Colleen Acres, Ross Grant, Alan Kriuszel, Eric Payseur, Tony Vogel, and Keith Wells.